Guide For Accessible Events And Programs

Guide For Accessible Events And Programs

It's crucial to have a healthy and inclusive campus culture that considers everyone's differences, including students, faculty, and staff. This way, everyone can have a better experience during events on our campus.

The Division of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion collaborated with the Division of Student Life and Student Disability Services. They made a new Accessibility-Informed Events and Programming Guide. This guide helps event planners and campus leaders have inclusive events that accommodate everyone.

The guide helps plan events with more accessibility. It doesn't need as many accommodations. It welcomes all sorts of people. It includes different identities.

Liz Tovar said she's happy about the team effort to make the new guide. She thinks it'll make the campus a nicer place for everyone, which is in line with the university's plan. The guide will help people with different needs, like students and staff, feel supported.

The University of Iowa community wrote the Accessibility-Informed Events and Programming Guide. Bailey Anderson from Student Disability Services led the effort. Abbie Beadle from the College of Nursing helped. Brianna Marcelo and Erin Stresow from Inclusive Education and Strategic Initiatives were also involved. Erin Stresow used to work there before.

Brianna Marcelo thanked the development team and 21 organizations for creating the guide. The guide is a best practices tool that can adapt over time. It helps organizers and planners welcome everyone to campus events. Brianna Marcelo is the director of the Inclusive Events and Strategic Initiatives unit of the Division of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

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