Apple debuts iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus


Eco-friendlier Choices

Apple has made a conscious effort to create environmentally-friendly products, with the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus being no exception. The company is working towards making every product carbon neutral by 2030, and is prioritizing clean electricity throughout the entire supply chain. These devices contain recycled and low-carbon materials, including 100 percent recycled cobalt in the battery, 100 percent recycled copper in the main logic board, copper wire in the Taptic Engine, and copper foil in the inductive charger in MagSafe. Additionally, the iPhone 15 lineup contains 75 percent recycled aluminum in the enclosure, 100 percent recycled rare earth elements in all magnets, and 100 percent recycled gold in the USB‑C connector and gold plating and tin soldering in multiple printed circuit boards. The devices meet Apple’s high standards for energy efficiency and do not contain mercury, PVC, or beryllium. Furthermore, over 99 percent of the packaging is fiber-based, bringing Apple closer to its goal of completely removing plastic from its packaging by 2025.

Apple has made a conscious decision to make their products more environmentally friendly by announcing that they will no longer use leather in any new products, including accessories for the iPhone. Instead, they are launching a new line of products called the FineWoven Case with MagSafe and FineWoven Wallet with MagSafe which will be made out of a microtwill material. This material has a luxurious and soft feel like suede, while still being durable. Additionally, 68% of the material is made from post-consumer recycled content which will significantly reduce its carbon emissions when compared to leather.

The latest iPhone accessories from FineWoven are crafted from strong and opulent microtwill. They use a special FineWoven substance composed of 68% recycled materials and have far fewer emissions than leather.

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