Google Drone Delivers Beer & Snacks To Coors Field

Google Drone Delivers Beer & Snacks To Coors Field

The demonstration is cool, but it may never be as fast or accurate as a human vendor.

Blog update from Harry Guinness, published May 23, 2023 at 3:00 PM EDT.

's drone flew over Coors Field. The drone captured amazing footage. It shows an empty stadium. Wing used the drone to show how the pandemic has affected sports. The video also highlights the beauty of the stadium. Wing aims to inspire others with his drone work. He hopes to continue to capture unique perspectives.

Wing, a drone delivery company owned by Alphabet, delivered beer and peanuts to a baseball stadium in Denver. This was a cool demonstration, but there are some limitations. It shows how drone delivery has progressed recently.

Wing made a drone that seems cool but it has its downsides. The company sent the drone to Coors Field for a party. The drone was carrying beer and peanuts. It did not do this for fun, but to show people how it works. The crowd wasn't very big like they are on a game day. So, it wasn't a real test.

Jonathan Bass, who is the head of marketing and communications at Wing, said that their drones can't replace the experience of getting peanuts from vendors at games. He also thinks that delivering during games is not important. The company is more focused on using their technology to move small packages over long distances. Their goal is to supplement other delivery methods.

Wing's drones were tested in Coors Field. They've improved over the years, going from delivering in rural areas to delivering in big cities. Wing has done 1,000 deliveries a day in Australia. People still ask if they can work in crowded cities.

Bass chose Coors Field. This field is challenging. Coors Field is in Denver, Colorado. Denver is growing fast. Any professional sports stadium is a fun challenge. The stadium has seating and jumbotrons.

Wing is expanding where it operates soon. Wing announced the Wing Delivery Network this year. The drones in this network work like ride-sharing vehicles. They pick up and drop off packages wherever they are needed. The AutoLoader device helps make this happen. It sits outside a store and lets staff leave packages for drones. The drones then collect the packages autonomously.

Wing is doing well but other companies in drone delivery are not. Amazon's Prime Air is having a tough time launching. It was first announced ten years ago and has only done 100 deliveries in two small US markets. They wanted to do 10,000 deliveries this year, but that won't happen and they had to fire some workers.

Some companies are doing well with delivery drones. Zipline is famous for using drones to airdrop medical supplies in Africa, but they're now testing a new system where drones can lower packages on a string. Other companies like DroneUp and Flytrex have partnered with Walmart and completed over 6,000 deliveries last year. People wonder if drones will be used for all deliveries soon. It's not likely, but they will probably become more common.

See the drone work in the video.

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