GitLab 16 AI Platform For DevSecOps

GitLab 16 AI Platform For DevSecOps

GitLab launched the new GitLab 16 platform on Monday. GitLab 16 is an upgraded DevSecOps solution powered by AI. It comes with over 55 new features and improvement. Upgrades to the software will be available soon. Users from across the world can enjoy GitLab 16. It has a Free, Premium, and Ultimate plan to choose from.

"Explore GitLab 16's Newest Features."

GitLab 16 has new features like Value Stream Dashboard, Centralized Policy Management, GitLab Dedicated and AI tools. The AI tools include Refactor this Code and Resolve this Vulnerability.

Value Stream Management lets users see the entire DevSecOps process. It helps manage software development and shows how technology investments bring value. You can see this in Figure A.

The dashboard shows DevSecOps metrics, cycle times, and critical vulnerabilities. GitLab gives reports easily without installation or setup. For extra detail, users can personalize metric tracking with GitLab data store.

David DeSanto, head of GitLab, says that the software helps companies build secure software quickly. GitLab 16 makes this possible for businesses of all sizes. It works for small and large companies alike.

- Help businesses visualize their production process. - Identify inefficiencies and bottlenecks. - Track performance metrics. - Use real-time data to improve decision-making. - Increase productivity and reduce waste. - Identify areas for improvement. - Allow for easier collaboration and communication between teams. - Help businesses prioritize and allocate resources effectively.

GitLab has tools to help teams with speed and security. They can deliver software and keep the supply chain secure. GitLab 16 has new security features to help companies start, scale and secure their software supply chains. Companies can see threats and make policies to be compliant.

GitLab 16 has new security features for its supply chain. These features help protect against potential security breaches. GitLab users can now have more control over their repositories. They can also track changes to their code from third-party sources. Securing the supply chain is crucial for software development teams. It ensures that their code is reliable and safe to use for end-users. With GitLab 16, teams can feel confident that their supply chain is well-protected.

GitLab Dedicated: Tech For Compliance & Regulations

GitLab 16 will have GitLab Dedicated. It's not available to everyone yet, but it will be soon.

GitLab Dedicated is a solution that helps companies in strict industries meet compliance needs. It's software-as-a-service and is only for one organization. GitLab Dedicated offers data residency, private networking, and isolation.

GitLab Dedicated means GitLab takes care of everything for you! This service includes hosting and managing each instance separately. Plus, it comes with data isolation and residency.

DeSanto said GitLab keeps improving their platform for security and compliance. This is important for regulated industries and the public sector.

Lockheed Martin is an American defense contractor. They gave an example of how they streamlined software development and deployment. They reduced system maintenance times by 90%. They partnered with GitLab and AWS to strengthen security.

GitLab has AI-powered solutions. These solutions have features like Code Suggestions, Explain This Code, Explain This Vulnerability, and Value Stream Forecasting. GitLab 16 has two new AI tools: Refactor This Code and Resolve This Vulnerability. These tools help the company to take actions and solve problems, instead of just identifying threats, explaining code, and predicting future cycles.

- Improve and automate your workflow. - Save time and increase efficiency. - Identify and eliminate repetitive and menial tasks. - Enhance collaboration among team members. - Enhance communication between different departments. - Facilitate the handling of complex tasks.

Innovative AI Drives DevSecOps Shift Left

GitLab 16 meets the demand for consolidating DevSecOps tools and using AI to develop better software faster.

DeSanto mentioned that Dev, Sec, and Ops teams are under a lot of pressure for toolchain management. Economic constraints and tight budgets mean DevSecOps professionals have to be more efficient. They must ship software quickly and with fewer resources.

GitLab asked 5,000 DevSecOps experts about the software world. They shared their thoughts on development, security, and operations. The 2023 Global DevSecOps Report Security Without Sacrifices found that 74% of security experts moved security to the left already. Or, they want to do it soon.

Software development is changing with shift left. Important things like security and performance are done earlier now. A survey from GitLab says developers want to use fewer tools. 66% of respondents want to combine their tools.

TechRepublic talks about how AI is changing the roles of developers. This is known as DevSecOps. It's not all easy though. There are some problems that come with using AI.

In DevSecOps, innovation is the big game-changer. Over half of developers (61%) are already using AI and machine learning to review code - a jump from 51% in 2022. According to GitLab, the key advantages of using a DevSecOps platform are safety, productivity and automation.

DeSanto said GitLab has new features that use AI and focus on workflow. This will help developers be more productive and make their code more secure. DevSecOps workflows now often use AI and machine learning.

GitLab recently wrote about its 16th version and mentioned new features like remote workspaces for development, stronger GitLab SaaS runners, comment templates, and better AI Code Suggestions.

Gartner Peer Insights did reviews and found top alternatives to GitLab in 2023. Those alternatives are Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform, Octopus Deploy, Azure Pipelines, IBM Urban Code Deploy, CloudBees, and Micro Focus Release Control.

Check out the review of the GitLab CI/CD Tool on TechRepublic.

The software development industry is adding AI tools to their products. Vendors are competing for good reviews in this big market. The industry is predicted to make $659 billion by 2023.

What Makes GitLab Stand Out In Software Dev?

GitLab stands out by having a distinct DevSecOps method. Developers love it because it has most of the necessary tools already on the platform. The platform's continuous integration, development, and upgrades are what make it successful.

GitLab keeps improving its platform with regular updates. Their latest release, GitLab 16.1, is featured on their upcoming releases page. GitLab is a strong competitor, boasting over 30 million registered users and more than 50% of Fortune 100 companies utilizing their technologies to create and deploy software.

According to DeSanto, AI has value in more job functions, not just creating code. Using AI in their product helps meet industry demands and improve customer efficiency and security. It also allows software to be delivered faster.

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