Live Streaming Market To Reach $14.8B By 2027

Live Streaming Market To Reach $14.8B By 2027 put out a report called "Global Live Streaming Market Size, Trends & Growth Opportunity, By Platform Type, By Service, By Application, By Region and Forecast to 2027" on May 26, 2023.

In 2021, the Live Streaming market was worth US$ 6.2 billion worldwide. Experts predict it will reach US$ 14.8 billion by 2027. During the forecast period, from 2022 to 2027, it's expected to grow by 18.7% annually.

Live Streaming sends media over the internet in real-time, without recording it first. People watch videos on the internet using live streaming. It's a way of transmitting data.

Live streaming means sharing videos slowly from faraway places. It works on different gadgets like computers, phones, TVs and game systems.

People want to use live streaming platforms more now. They want updates on COVID-19 and also to have fun and play games. This will make the global live streaming market grow more.

The market will grow in the forecast period because people are asking for more digital content. This is happening because of live streaming platforms like TWITCH, You Tube Live, and Facebook Live.

Twitch said in March 2020 that lots more people are using its site. Live streaming is getting bigger because of things like no ads, good tracking and loads of content. It's easy to watch stuff on your phone and loads of people use Twitch. The quality of the videos is great, and there are loads of people watching.

Creating content is expensive and this could be a big problem for the live streaming market. The market might not grow as expected due to issues with network connectivity and technical problems during live streaming.

COVID-19 outbreak has a good impact on the market through remote working because the government implemented lockdown. Different live streaming platforms such as Zoom, Skype, Amazon Chime, BlueJeans, Cisco WebEx, Google Hangouts, Facetime, and Houseparty that are used for personal communications support market growth.

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What are the best chances in the global live streaming market?

How much will it grow from 2022 to 2027?

What part will grow the most?

What factors affect the market?

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What do key players do in the value chain?

What tactics do top players use?

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