Neuralink Chip Approved For Human Tests

Neuralink Chip Approved For Human Tests

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Neuralink got permission to test brain chips on people in the United States. This was announced by Elon Musk's brain chip company on Thursday.

Neuralink made chips for brain-computer interface into the skull. They say it can help blind people see again and help people who can't walk to walk again.

Mr Musk said they're ready for human tests to treat paralysis and blindness, but the FDA rejected their proposals. This happened multiple times since 2019.

Neuralink wanted to test on humans in 2022. The FDA said no. They had many concerns. Neuralink has to fix these issues.

The FDA is concerned about Neuralink's use of lithium batteries and if the wires of the implant will cause problems in the brain.

The government agency is worried about the implants the company has made, and if they can be taken out without hurting the brain.

The US government is checking out Neuralink. Some people say the firm didn't take good care of its research monkeys. They are worried about animal rights.

The brain chip company killed 1,500 animals. The animals consisted of sheep, pigs, and monkeys. This happened since 2018. Reuters reported on this previously.

The US Department of Agriculture is looking into Neuralink. This is because they might have broken the Animal Welfare Act.

The company wrote on their blog that they are committed to treating animals kindly. They want to work with animals ethically. They wrote this because of allegations of animal abuse.

They planned and thought carefully before using any animal. They aimed to balance scientific discovery with ethical use. This was extensively planned. The statement said so.

Last year in November, Mr. Musk tweeted that Neuralink's device is fit for humans. He said that the time for human trials depends on getting approval from the FDA.

Before putting a device into a human, we want to make sure it will work well. We submitted most of the paperwork to the FDA. Neuralink should be available for humans in about six months. The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX said this.

The company got approval from the government to do human trials. The approval came on Thursday. The company had been waiting for it. The human trials will start soon.

The brain chip company is happy to announce. They got approval from the FDA. They can now launch their first-in-human clinical study!

Neuralink said FDA approval is the first step to help many people. More info on clinical trial recruitment to come.

The Independent asked FDA about Neuralink approval but they didn't reply yet.

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